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Daphne Rosen's Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in daphnerosen's LiveJournal:

Saturday, March 31st, 2007
3:03 pm
Cloned food. Is it kosher?
I came across the most shocking news story that I have ever seen. You probably didn't get a chance to read this most pivotal of stories. Why? Because I just happened upon this story on Christmas Day when I accidentally knocked over an issue of the Los Angeles Times to some random page and it read: "FDA to OK Cloned Meat, Milk. Labeling Unnecessary." What, you didn't happen to read the LA Times on Christmas Day? There was supposed to be a 3-month public discussion about this but since it is now April, I can assume that the hamburger you are eating right now is cloned. Forget the fact that most Americans are against cloning PERIOD or that 90 percent of cloned products have to be discarded because they are genetically defective or forget the fact that lab animals have developed organ failure and anomalies after eating cloned meat or, even, forget the fact that the Bush FDA has overseen Vioxx deaths, a 50 percent increase in contaimenated foods (spinach, peanut butter, etc), and a whole lot of dead dogs. No, forget that. What I am wondering is if cloned meat is Kosher? I'm a Jew but I am not particularly kosher. I would just like to know if there is any way that I can avoid eating science experiments or do I have to become a farmer?
Friday, March 23rd, 2007
7:28 pm
Daphne's Common Sense Talking Points-3/23/2007
Shalom Bushkins,
It's been quite a week in Washington and around the world. Here are your talking points for when you encounter the unenlightened:

*One last time, US Attorneys do indeed serve at the pleasure of the President and, yes, EVERY President fires their US Attorneys-AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TERM. But the Bush Administration's current round of firings are purely political and may constitute obstruction of justice (See: 18 USC 1512 paragraph C, look it up). The administration gave these attorneys high marks in job performance reviews and were among the most effective prosecutors in the country. In the past 25 years, only 10 US Attorneys have been fired for non-misconduct and early-term turnaround, while Bush and Co. fired 8 in one round. It's unprecedented. The only mistake these attorneys made was going after Republicans when they did something illegal-something Bush does not want. Proof: the 4-to-1 ratio at which this Justice Department indicted Democrats over Republicans. The actual statistical chances of that ratio being legitimate is 10,000 to 1. You figure it out.

*Half of the American troops killed in Iraq were kill with weapons from arms depots WE left unguarded. Another Rumsfeld failure.

*80 percent of children today do NOT want to be President.

*How come when the Irish were blowing up the UK every Boston tavern cheered and many Irish-Americans sent money to the IRA terrorist? While if a Muslim even has a friend of a friend of a friend of a terrorist they get sent to Gitmo? Don't answer, it will only come out racist.

*John McCain has relaunched his "Straight Talk Express" bus. It's a totally different bus now but that's okay because he now has a totally different set of beliefs than when he ran in 2000.

*Yes, there is something wrong with Halliburton moving to Dubai, UAE. It's a terrorist state with a shiny coat of paint. Why we haven't bomb them is beyond me.

*Have the housewives who buy "People" magazine for Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt ever paid 10 bucks to see one of their movies? I just haven't seen a lot of Sally Soccermoms lining up for "Babel."

*Speaking of Hollywood, people love "The Sopranos" for the same reason they hate "Lost."

*If the television program you are watching features either Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter, it is NOT a news program!

*If you really want to end illegal immigration to this country then here's the secret: Fine the employers a lot of money per undocumented worker. You stop the fuel, you stop the fire. Don't believe me? Mexico has been the same shithole 1000 years ago as it is now but yet virtually no Mexicans migrated here during the turn of the last century. Why? Because employers were hiring the Euporeans over the Mexicans. Mexicans didn't even bother coming here in high numbers because they knew there were no jobs for them. The dirty secret is that corporations LOVE illegal immigrants and that is why they are here. Anyone who sees border patrols as the answer just wants to shoot at brown people.

*"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, it is morally treasonable to the American public." -President Theodore Roosevelt (a Republican President). They don't make Republicans like him or Lincoln anymore.

*How come you can't find Ronald Reagan movies anywhere?

*Yes, you can raise the minimum wage and not effect the price of goods. The market determines prices, NOT labor. Econ 101.

*Current technology allows us to double our average fuel economy to 35 mpg's and not miss a step. What kind of person would be against that and who taught them to think that way?

*We were supposed to have a national solar energy bank by the year 2000.

*Speaking of the year 2000, according to "The Jetson's" and "2001" and others, we were supposed to have flying cars, trans-Solar System travel, robot servants and food pills. What happened that the adults of the 1950's and 60's could conceive these ideas but the children of that era were never able to achieve these? Our goals have shrank considerably. All we expect now are slightly improved videogame consoles every 6 years, a different colored iPod every few months and prescription drugs with various side effects that may or may not kill you. Sad.

*"Hollywood liberal" "ACLU-type" "atheist" and "Northeastern elite" are all code for "Jew."

*Lastly, if Alberto Gonzales gets the boot, then the enjoyment of legal, consentual adult entertainment can continue. The fact that Tera Patrick is as high a priority to this Justice Department as national security is a travesty. Hey, Gonzo-"It's TERROR that's important NOT Tera." You can use that one.

Daphne Rosen
Monday, August 28th, 2006
6:52 pm
Bumper Sticker Nation
Your bumper sticker tells others a lot about who you are. For one, since most of us use bumper MAGNETS, it shows we all seem to lack commitment..lol. In a world where a soundbite is news, a bumper sticker tells others to sum you all up with one phrase. I will tell you what they are saying (or, at least, me and the other JAPs from UCLA Hillel) about you. I'll go first: my bumper magnet is a Jesus fish but with the words "Gefilte." Funny, uh? Get it? Instead of a Jesus fish, it's a gefilte fish because I'm Jewish. Yeah, it's only funny for like the first 2 seconds. So here's what others say when they see it (or even get it)-"Oh, a Jew in LA who drives a German car, how unique." Well, fuck those people, I like my bumper magnet. Anyway, here's more:

Here's what others are saying-"Public school standards are so low, your kid's head lice would make honor roll. Does your kid achieve so little in life that you have to deface your '84 Z28? Ow, wait, his kid's probably retarded. My bad."

Here's what others are saying-"Stop picking on retards!"

Here's what others are saying-"That's car's getting keyed."

Here's what others are saying-"These yellow ribbons will boost our fighting soldiers' morale if they happen to be looking at video of American traffic while in the Middle East."

Here's what others are saying-"Fuck ya both-Dodge got a Hemi!!!"

Here's what others are saying-Down South:"Go, Southern Pride." Outside the South:"KKK on Board!"

Here's what others are saying-If it's a good college:"His kid's smart but I bet the poor guy's in debt." If it's a lame college:"His kid WAS an honor student at Washington Middle school."

Here's what others are saying-"Boobies!!!"

Here's what others are saying-"That car won't get pulled over."

Here's what others are saying-"I was gonna hit ya but now I can't, there's a baby on board." On a white van:"AMBER ALERT!!!"

*90.7 FM KPFK
Here's what others are saying-"She gave $35 and all she got was a lousy sticker." or "Wow you can get a sticker for only $35, I'm giving!!!"

*W '04
Here's what others are saying-"Still?"

Here's what others are saying-"Kill Brown People!!!"

Here's what others are saying-"Did the mom, blew the dad, will wait until the daughter's 18, won't wait until the son's 18, did the baby, almost did the dog."

Here's what others are saying-"But only if you agree with me."

*W.O.W. (Whip 'em Out Wednesday)
Here's what others are saying-"Dammit, it's Thursday. I missed it again."
Thursday, May 18th, 2006
6:08 pm
Boobs over Butts?
I was born with a bubble butt and have endured the pre-"Baby Got Back" hardships of having a bubble butt. In 1992, when Sir Mix-A-Lot's classic song came out, I was a 10 year-old who thought "Finally, my butt is cool, it will get positive attention." Unfortunately, at the age of 10, I was a C-cup going on a D-cup. By high school, I achieved DDD-status where the growth levelled-off. Basically, no one even noticed my ass. I always find it crazy that despite being a covergirl in BIG BUTT magazine (a copy of which was found in Michael Jackson's home) and the star of numerous booty-based films that my boobs constantly steal the scene. A couple of years ago, I noticed interests in big, round butts losing ground as J. Lo started dressing more conservatively. Web groups featuring the "twins" of Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Scarlett Johansson are all the rage, while Kelly Clarkson's onion booty is forgotten. What's up? When I stripped, my boobs would get the attention while the booty-shaking girls stood practical neglected. So what's up, America. Was your fascination with a big booty just a phase? Or are big breasts the king of your eyes? I measure 41-24-41 so I need to know if i'm coming or going...lol.
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
8:45 am
My Cheating MILF
So, as you know, I met a smoking, hot MILF a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sure what to do about her. She's older than my mom but hot as hell. So we have been dating for about a week. Last night, I thought she was cheating with a 40-something guy (my favorite) but she convinced me that she inviting him over for a 3-way. I didn't really buy it. We had the 3-way but afterwards, my suspicions were confirmed-she was about to cheat with him. He looked just like Larry Bird, very sexy but that's not the point. During the sex, all he did was fuck me (very well I might add), I mean he went to town, titty-fucking, 69-ing and some great anal. She was pretty much on the sidelines and he would occasionally have her blow him in between his anal thrusts on me. She was jealous that her secret boytoy and I hit it off so well. I asked her straight out and she said that she wanted a man on the side but I would be her girlfriend. I dumped her, since I hate liars. She should have been honest in the first place because I would have been cool with the arrangement. Was I too hard? If your girlfriend cheated, what would you have done? Should I go back to dating just guys because girls are just too much drama no matter what age they are? Help me!
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
10:55 am
Big Bust fans make the best boyfriends/husbands
Big Top Video, the company that specializes in BUSTY adult videos, recently conducted one of the most eye-opening consumer studies in a while. The results of their study was such: those who preferred BUSTY adult fare (porn, escorts, exotic dancers, magazines, etc) overwhelming were-BETTER EDUCATED, WEALTHIER, LOYAL, and RESPECTED WOMEN MORE THAN AVERGAE MEN.
These findings coincide with the cultural phenomenom of the mid-1960's of Twiggy, a waify fashion model. Throughout all of western history,and into the early 1960's, women like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Jane Russell and Bettie Page were the very standard of beauty. Large breasts, hourglass figure and ample, well-shaped butts were what was considered an ideal woman. Not chubby, but with a waist-ratio of between .68-.72. and a breast size of at least a C-cup. So, why the change to the ultra-slim and flat chests of Twiggy in the 1960's and, more importantly, why are today's porn stores filled with barely legals who look like children? Sociologists point to the woman's lib movement. Women were taking control of their bodies and getting educations and careers.
Certain men didn't approve and it showed in marketing studies. Madison Aveune wanted these insecure men to feel as though they were still in control so the ad world started parading women build like 10 year-olds that men could imagine themselves overpowering and controlling. The theory being that a woman, with all of her womanly breasts and ass, is hard to control but an 80lb. stick knows who's boss. Most men, to their AWESOME credit, weren't so thrilled but since the insecure men screamed the loudest, they won.
IN the adult world today, most of the TITLES are geared towards these insecure men because it is a reflection of many of the PRODUCERS. SOME, NOT ALL of porn has stopped responding to the market (awesome guys that love beautiful women) and is making movies that cater to these particular producers' own interests: the humilation of tiny girls. The majority of the SALES continue to show otherwise. This makes no sense from a financial point of view, of course. Look at the majority of the females with contracts with the companies that know better (Vivid, Sin City, Wicked, Digital Playground, etc), these contract girls are all busty. The women who fill the gentlemen's club-busty. The most successful websites-busty, most successful niche magazines-busty.
So here's what I'm saying: don't let some wackos make you think there is something wrong with you for loving a well-built woman and taking a pass on the watching the latest high-school dropout get pissed on. Fans of Daphne Rosen and women like me (busty) are the true catches in this world. Studies prove it and you guys prove it everyday. I love you all!!! Is this the place I'll find my future husband?
Monday, April 24th, 2006
6:59 pm
I'm crushing on a hot MILF
There is this hot 40-something I met the other night. She let me lick and poke but I want more. She's even shorter than me, she's Arab with hair to her ass and has a sexy six-pack. I'd love to hook up with her but don't know if middle-aged women have the same libido as women half their age. I know females peak in their 30's but is the drop-off after that too steep or does it get better with age? Help me, guys!!!
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
11:05 am
And Iran, Iran so Far Away...
*Seriously, is anyone falling for this Iran business? They enriched uranium with 180 units, it takes 16,000 units to make just one nuclear missile. I know Fox News-watching, W '04-bumper sticker-having, anti-evolutionists who are laughing at this. NO one is for going into Iran. This just shows we seriously need to dismantle the military-industrial complex NOW! Not only does the need to "feed the beast (the war industry)" continue to bankrupt this nation but it's about to irradiate the Middle East.
*Speaking of the idiotic Fox News. War on Easter? Seriously? 90% of Americans are under attack by the 2% of the population that is Jewish? Please, Jewish businesspeople (myself included) actually benefit from the rampant materialism of the "holy" holidays of Easter and Christmas. Please, Christians, spend some more!!!
*I got the McPheever! If you don't know what that means then you are still cool. If you do know what I mean, come join me, we both got the lowest amount of votes.
*Economic boycott on May 1st.
*Blue-ray DVD's are right around the corner-do NOT waste your money on HD-DVD's.
*I've been playing a tech-demo of XBox 360's "Gears of War" and I have 2 words for you-"Halo Who?"
*It's fun watching the bigoted side of the GOP fight against immigrant rights while the corporate side of the GOP fights for immigrants (for nefarious reasons but whatever). Who do you think will win? All of the border patrol types and Lou Dobbs fans are going to yell, scream and shout but they need to understand this: Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter, corporate money is more important than your vote to ANY politician. We're just cogs in the machine. Demand clean elections and maybe you'll have a democracy until then "VIVA DAY LABORERS!!!"
*PS-if you punish the corporations who hire "illegals" then you destroy the very motivation of ANYONE coming here illegally but that isn't going to happen, is it? Do you know why there was no Mexican emmigration during the turn of the century? Because there were no jobs for them.
*IMHO Alienware is better than the XPS
*We're in Iraq for 2 reason: 1) To maintain strength in the dollar versus the euro (good for Americans) and 2) To take the Iraqi oil out of the supply to drive up demand overall (very, very BAD for Americans). Anyone who uses any other justification is lying to you.
*I am an Israeli emmigrant whose been a US citizen since infancy. Pretty easy process for Jews. Thanks you, Israel lobby! But the process seems harder for my BROWNER fellow immmigrants. Why is that?
*When I watch the local news and that soul-less newsreader informs me about a rate hike on a ultility, a new law that harms me or an old right that's being revoked, I feel as though that "journalist" is pimp-smacking me and taunting me with "Whatcha gonna do about it beee-ach!" Fuck local news, they tell me shit too late for me to do anything about it anyway.
*A true American maxim: the further away you live from any real terror target the more afraid you are of terrorism. Dude, you got to be BRAVE to live in the land of the FREE.
*It's time for a "Jerry Maguire" sequel.
*I remember when I used to get deals at Target. What's the point of that store anymore?
*Are you a Chloe O'Brien or an Audrey Raines?
*It's time to legalize it.
Saturday, April 15th, 2006
8:35 pm
Passover in LA...
...In most parts of LA, if you're not Mexican you're a Jew. I love that there are many different varieties of Jews here in the city of Angels: Sephardic, Iranian, Ethopian, Ashkenazi, Israeli immigrants (that's me), converts, etc. It's a beautiful thing. I went to a multicultural seder (what I do every year since childhood) and I am amazed at the openness of my faith and culture. Pesach Shalom and Happy Easter everyone. You can have faith AND love the pleasures of the flesh, just don't let either control your life. With Love.
Monday, April 10th, 2006
4:03 pm
Does a woman's vagina size matter?
I have a tight but extremely wet vagina. I don't mean to sound crude but it's true. This means that a 3 inch penis feels like John Holmes AND a 13-inch penis can go ALL THE WAY IN. I can enjoy BOTH big and small equally. So I never really got into the whole size debate. But what I wonder is-does a woman's "size" matter to a guy. I have two best friends, one has had a child and her 11 by 7 inch husband doesn't even touch the sides anymore so they are considering vaginal rejuveination surgery. My other friend has a normal-sized boyfriend who has to use a handful of lube just to enter her without her crying in pain. Both guys are miserable. I feel as though this is a problem that guys are afraid to speak about openly for fear they will offend the women in their lives. What's the real deal-does a girl's size matter?
Saturday, April 8th, 2006
1:38 pm
Celebrity Anilingus
I was watching the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards when Lindsay Lohan made an appearance. For some WEIRD reason (do a search on Ms. Lohan and the awards if you haven't seen it already) it made me think of the art of anilingus, anal-oral contact, on America's stars. Rimjob, rusty trombone, tossing the salad, whatever you want to call it. I wondered what celebrity ass tasted like. Michelle Rodiguez probably has the best tasting ass in Hollywood if for no other reason than I love Mexican and with her DUI issues, I'd get to have a little Tequilla with my meal. Now you would think Jessica Simpson would have a mighty tasty tuckus but you'd be wrong. Why? She's obviously a cylon, a la "Battlestar Galactica," and cylons do NOT have anuses. What would normally excrete through her backside can instead be heard on her albums. Jennifer Aniston? Sure, if you like splinters since there's obviously a stick up it already. Angelina Jolie is soooooo beautiful but only from the front. Those eyes, that rack, those lips-oy vey! But her ass resembles that of an elderly man with syphillis. Shape doesn't denote taste, I know, but her steady diet of blood viles and foreign babies can't possible help.
I know this topic must gross out some but what is the difference between kissing or, hell, going all the way with the asses of celebrities and letting them dominate our news media. Friday morning I was watching "The Today Show" (an alleged news program) and do you know what the lead story was-Bush leaking the name of a CIA agent after 2 years of telling us that he'd punish the leaker? NO. Was it status of an immigration bill that would determine who would be doing my landscaping? NO. Their lead story was about how a judge cleared the author of the book "The DaVinci Code" of plagurism. Wow, thanks, the book my mom read with her bridge buddies is the most important story in the world (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that NBC-owned Universal has a movie coming out soon based on the tome).
It's not only that, it's the fact that the OJ verdict was our generation's "where were you?" moment or that I know that Gwenyth Paltrow named her baby Apple or how your local news spends more time on "American Idol" than America's struggles. This is all a part of what is called the Military Industrial Infotainment Media Complex designed for you to keep your eye on the shiny object and NOT the ball. First they make you stupid, then they make you scared and then they make you do whatever they want. So stop licking stars' asses because in the end, all your get is really bad breath (unless it's a pornstar...lol).
Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
10:32 am
April showers bring a NEW KSex show for me
Out with the old and in with the NEW!!! KSex Radio has new ownership and they've cleaned house! My new show is called "TOO LIVE JEW" starring Daphne Rosen (me) & Harry Weiss. It's going to be crazy! Every Thursday at 11:59PM est/9pm pst LIVE!!! The better timeslot means MORE guests who are available to us, and we are going to have LOTS!!!! Craziness, curves and controversy all in one show, listen for free, watch for cheap. It starts THIS THURSDAY April 6th!!!
Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
1:52 pm
my KSEXradio.com show...
...I never thought I would ever be in the radio biz, nevermind being a PJ (Porn Jockey) on KSEX Radio. My show-"D n' A with Daphne Rosen & Annie Cruz" is a lot of fun (it's on EVERY Monday, LIVE, at 8pm EST/5pm PST) and yesterday I had on the world famous MIKA TAN. The week before I had on ECHO VALLEY, she has the largest boobs of anyone who does hardcore films. Before that was ROXY JEZEL and then BROOKE HAVEN as well as many others in the months my shows been on. It's broken the ratings record in its timeslot and if you haven't logged on to listen and live chat, you should, it's free! It does cost (not very much) to WATCH but the membership last for a year and you watch all the shows 24/7! Check it out and chat with me every Monday. http://www.KSexRadio.com
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
11:26 am
Daphne Rosen thinks...
*For a while now, I've been telling America that Peyton Manning was overrated.
*For a while now, I've been telling America that Ben Roethlisberger was underrated.
*Instead of patrolling the border, why don't these Minute Men assholes just go to the employers. During the turn of the century when European immigrants were coming to America, Mexicans stayed put because they knew there were no jobs. It seems simple, no jobs then no immigrants. It goes to show that the Minute Men are just action-junkie racists.
*I know that while watching Scarlett Johansson at the Golden Globes that I should have been appreciating her acting talent but the whole time I was admiring her cleavage.
*BTW, Johnny Cash was way too cool to be a PG-13 movie.
*I HATE Bill Clinton, too but after 2 terms in office isn't the "Clinton did it, too" excuse beyond silly at this point?
*I love when people tell me to "shut up and suck dick" when I say something they don't like. Just for that I'm sucking their dick last.
*I'd rather the Patriots not have made it to the playoffs at all then lose. Now Tom Brady is no longer undefeated in the post-season.
*Come on, America, admit it, Norah Jones' music is boring...
*..."DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES" is NOT that sexy of a TV show...
*...and Katie Couric is too old to still be called "perky."
*Basically, being Pro-Bush at this point is just about being afraid to admit you were wrong.
*Which of the "GIRLFRIENDS" is the sexiest? I say Toni.
*Larry Flynt is a real champion of the 1st Amendment, Hugh Hefner is just a hypocrite.
*I didn't want an X-Box 360 anyway.
*MLK Day is NOT just for blacks.
*You can't get a good bagel in Los Angeles and what you do get has a bunch of crap in it that would make my ancestors say a collective "Oy Vey!"
*Americans are more anti-Palestinians than Israelis (check the stats). Why?
*Is it me or did Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs shrink 2 sizes?
*UNDER REPORTED STORY #1(http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=5624): Soldiers who went and purchased their own body armor instead of using the military's inferior shit (if they get any at all) are being told that if they die wearing it then their families won't get any death benefits. And who makes this inferior body armor that our troops are being forced to wear? Say it with me now-A big Bush campaign contributor ("Clinton did it, too" or "Shut up and suck dick"). And now headlines are saying "More Body Armor on the Way." How long have we've in Iraq and it takes this long for body armor? Oy Vey!
*What's funnier-"The Simpsons" or "Family Guy?"
*I will NOT apologize for loving my great city of Los Angeles.
*I will NOT apologize for loving it in the butt.
*But I WILL apologize for loving "American Idol", I am truly sorry for that. Help me.
*Alito says Roe Vs. Wade isn't settled law, Alito says the President should have king-like power and is superior to the Legislature and Judiciary branches, Alito says individual citizens should not have access to the courts, Alito says the corporation's rights outweigh those of the people, Alito says the Constitution does not protect blacks against discrimination, Alito says he does not remember bragging about being part of the bigoted Concerned Alumni of Princeton. But what does the "news" focus on? Mrs. Alito cried! Do you even have to attend journalism school anymore. PS-Mr. Alito, after his hearing, didn't go and comfort his wife, he shook hands with his coaches and headed out the door all without even acknowledging his weeping wife. PPS-Mrs. Alito cried when REPUBLICAN Lindsey Graham was questioning NOT Ted Kennedy.
*Why aren't porn stars allowed to visit the troops? I think they would be more happy to see one of us than Clay Aiken (don't ask, don't tell).
*PC games are always next generation, you don't have to wait 5 years.
*Of course my back hurts, I'm only 5 feet tall and their 34 G's.
*You are NOT really upset about Hilliary's "plantation" comment, you're just being told to be. (Check out this article: http://mediamatters.org/items/200601190008)
*I actually think Ashlee is hotter than Jessica...
*...the girl in TROY has an amazing ass...
*...Lindsey Lohan was only hot for a summer.
*Adam Sessler is Brad Pitt to me. If you're reading this, Adam, I want us to make beautiful, neurotic, Jewish music together.
*UNDER REPORTED STORY #2 (http://news.monstersandcritics.com/northamerica/article_1077244.php/White_House_remains_mum_on_links_to_indicted_lobbyist): White House met with crook Jack Abramoff. I know, I know, I'm sucking the dick, I'm sucking the dick.
*PlayStation 3 will BLOW YOUR MIND but if Blue Ray tech costs $1800 as a stand-alone how much is the PS3 going to cost? The Nintendo Revolution is looking better and better.
*DC is only good when it has big events, Marvel is only good when it's not. Vertigo is ALWAYS great.
*We Jews have great butts, please take notice!
*Finally, in this age of division and strife, now more than ever, it's time for white and black, liberal and conservative, Jew and Muslim, Jew and Christian, Jew and, well, Jew and everyone to come together and admire my BIG BOOBS...lol.

with love & laughter,
Shalom-Daphne Rosen
Thursday, January 12th, 2006
1:02 pm
Where's my Bill of Rights?
I was watching "King of the Hill" today and I was thinking about Dale Gribble. He's suspicious of big brother-style government and distrusts those in power. It was an episode from the 1990's. I remember that this was what the average Republican was like back then and how I always thought that that kind of vigilance was cool. "Question anyone in authority" is a really awesome sentiment that the 1990's conservatives taught us.
Now it's 2006 and the former Dale Gribbles are now the most trusting and naive members of our society. They scare really easily, too, all you have to say is "terror" and they are willing to give a 200 year-old right in a heartbeat without question. Not very manly, I guess THEIR colors DO run.
It's also very funny that those who live furthest away from any terrorist target are the ones most scared, like someone is going to attack ANYWHERE in the South. We here in Los Angeles, a REAL terrorist target, are not willing to part with our Bill of Rights, no matter the boogeyman, and polls show the same attitude in NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia. In the end, I guess the true Americans are those who would never trade liberty for "security." Latte drinking, against warrantless wiretaps, questioning leaders, minority friend-having blue staters rejoice-WE ARE THE REAL AMERICANS and NOT the submissive red-staters who actually LEFT this great nation to form a Confederacy of traitors and now tell us that ignoring the Bill of Rights is best for America. Come back, Dale Gribble.
Sunday, January 8th, 2006
9:31 pm
My Movie WINS!!!
We won!!! My streak continues. Since I started doing video work here in LA in mid-2003, EVERY "Best Big Bust Film" AVN Winner has starred me and it's ALL thanks to you guys making them so popular. This is your award, too.
Saturday, January 7th, 2006
6:23 pm
The AVN Show on Saturday Night...
...I'm co-presenting the BIG award!!! BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR (the last and most important award of the night) with Lauren Phoenix. Just finished rehearsals and hung out with some of my porn pals. I haven't filmed since getting rid of the blonde hair and will not be filming again until June (I will only be doing magazines until then). A couple of the girls didn't recognize me at first which is particularly funny since we've been tongue-deep in each other's crotches. Cannot wait to get back o Los Angeles and write back to all of you on my Yahoo! 360.

ps-forgive the appearance of my website, it will be fixed next week
Thursday, December 29th, 2005
7:40 pm
I've been SOOOOO sick...
...I woke up on Christmas morning with a 103 degree fever (proving once again that Santa hates Jews...lol) and just got better today. I managed to do my weekly Monday KSexRadio.com show (barely). What's new in the world? Did anyone get an XBox 360?
Friday, December 23rd, 2005
8:09 pm
All the Gentiles have vanished...
It's that time of the year when all the Christians have disappearred into the yule time world of gift-giving and celebration. Now is the time for us Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and Atheists to take over the world. We only have 2 days, 3 days if they eat enough turkey and ham (ham, what infidels). We will meet tomorrow at dawn and when the Christians awake from their Christmas stupor, we will emerge as their lords and masters. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh).
ps. Just kidding, Merry EVERYTHING
Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
7:11 pm
My 1st entry
LJ seems fun. XMas is coming up but I'm a Jew so it means a day full of Chinese food!!! The AVN's are in a couple of weeks. I am presenting and have about a dozen movies nominated. I'm hoping "Faster Pussycat, Fuck! Fuck!" wins for best Big-Bust film because it's a remake of Russ Meyer's classic and I play "Kitty," the part made famous by Kitten Natividad (who makes a cameo).
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