daphnerosen (daphnerosen) wrote,

Where's my Bill of Rights?

I was watching "King of the Hill" today and I was thinking about Dale Gribble. He's suspicious of big brother-style government and distrusts those in power. It was an episode from the 1990's. I remember that this was what the average Republican was like back then and how I always thought that that kind of vigilance was cool. "Question anyone in authority" is a really awesome sentiment that the 1990's conservatives taught us.
Now it's 2006 and the former Dale Gribbles are now the most trusting and naive members of our society. They scare really easily, too, all you have to say is "terror" and they are willing to give a 200 year-old right in a heartbeat without question. Not very manly, I guess THEIR colors DO run.
It's also very funny that those who live furthest away from any terrorist target are the ones most scared, like someone is going to attack ANYWHERE in the South. We here in Los Angeles, a REAL terrorist target, are not willing to part with our Bill of Rights, no matter the boogeyman, and polls show the same attitude in NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia. In the end, I guess the true Americans are those who would never trade liberty for "security." Latte drinking, against warrantless wiretaps, questioning leaders, minority friend-having blue staters rejoice-WE ARE THE REAL AMERICANS and NOT the submissive red-staters who actually LEFT this great nation to form a Confederacy of traitors and now tell us that ignoring the Bill of Rights is best for America. Come back, Dale Gribble.
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