daphnerosen (daphnerosen) wrote,

Daphne Rosen thinks...

*For a while now, I've been telling America that Peyton Manning was overrated.
*For a while now, I've been telling America that Ben Roethlisberger was underrated.
*Instead of patrolling the border, why don't these Minute Men assholes just go to the employers. During the turn of the century when European immigrants were coming to America, Mexicans stayed put because they knew there were no jobs. It seems simple, no jobs then no immigrants. It goes to show that the Minute Men are just action-junkie racists.
*I know that while watching Scarlett Johansson at the Golden Globes that I should have been appreciating her acting talent but the whole time I was admiring her cleavage.
*BTW, Johnny Cash was way too cool to be a PG-13 movie.
*I HATE Bill Clinton, too but after 2 terms in office isn't the "Clinton did it, too" excuse beyond silly at this point?
*I love when people tell me to "shut up and suck dick" when I say something they don't like. Just for that I'm sucking their dick last.
*I'd rather the Patriots not have made it to the playoffs at all then lose. Now Tom Brady is no longer undefeated in the post-season.
*Come on, America, admit it, Norah Jones' music is boring...
*..."DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES" is NOT that sexy of a TV show...
*...and Katie Couric is too old to still be called "perky."
*Basically, being Pro-Bush at this point is just about being afraid to admit you were wrong.
*Which of the "GIRLFRIENDS" is the sexiest? I say Toni.
*Larry Flynt is a real champion of the 1st Amendment, Hugh Hefner is just a hypocrite.
*I didn't want an X-Box 360 anyway.
*MLK Day is NOT just for blacks.
*You can't get a good bagel in Los Angeles and what you do get has a bunch of crap in it that would make my ancestors say a collective "Oy Vey!"
*Americans are more anti-Palestinians than Israelis (check the stats). Why?
*Is it me or did Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs shrink 2 sizes?
*UNDER REPORTED STORY #1(http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=5624): Soldiers who went and purchased their own body armor instead of using the military's inferior shit (if they get any at all) are being told that if they die wearing it then their families won't get any death benefits. And who makes this inferior body armor that our troops are being forced to wear? Say it with me now-A big Bush campaign contributor ("Clinton did it, too" or "Shut up and suck dick"). And now headlines are saying "More Body Armor on the Way." How long have we've in Iraq and it takes this long for body armor? Oy Vey!
*What's funnier-"The Simpsons" or "Family Guy?"
*I will NOT apologize for loving my great city of Los Angeles.
*I will NOT apologize for loving it in the butt.
*But I WILL apologize for loving "American Idol", I am truly sorry for that. Help me.
*Alito says Roe Vs. Wade isn't settled law, Alito says the President should have king-like power and is superior to the Legislature and Judiciary branches, Alito says individual citizens should not have access to the courts, Alito says the corporation's rights outweigh those of the people, Alito says the Constitution does not protect blacks against discrimination, Alito says he does not remember bragging about being part of the bigoted Concerned Alumni of Princeton. But what does the "news" focus on? Mrs. Alito cried! Do you even have to attend journalism school anymore. PS-Mr. Alito, after his hearing, didn't go and comfort his wife, he shook hands with his coaches and headed out the door all without even acknowledging his weeping wife. PPS-Mrs. Alito cried when REPUBLICAN Lindsey Graham was questioning NOT Ted Kennedy.
*Why aren't porn stars allowed to visit the troops? I think they would be more happy to see one of us than Clay Aiken (don't ask, don't tell).
*PC games are always next generation, you don't have to wait 5 years.
*Of course my back hurts, I'm only 5 feet tall and their 34 G's.
*You are NOT really upset about Hilliary's "plantation" comment, you're just being told to be. (Check out this article: http://mediamatters.org/items/200601190008)
*I actually think Ashlee is hotter than Jessica...
*...the girl in TROY has an amazing ass...
*...Lindsey Lohan was only hot for a summer.
*Adam Sessler is Brad Pitt to me. If you're reading this, Adam, I want us to make beautiful, neurotic, Jewish music together.
*UNDER REPORTED STORY #2 (http://news.monstersandcritics.com/northamerica/article_1077244.php/White_House_remains_mum_on_links_to_indicted_lobbyist): White House met with crook Jack Abramoff. I know, I know, I'm sucking the dick, I'm sucking the dick.
*PlayStation 3 will BLOW YOUR MIND but if Blue Ray tech costs $1800 as a stand-alone how much is the PS3 going to cost? The Nintendo Revolution is looking better and better.
*DC is only good when it has big events, Marvel is only good when it's not. Vertigo is ALWAYS great.
*We Jews have great butts, please take notice!
*Finally, in this age of division and strife, now more than ever, it's time for white and black, liberal and conservative, Jew and Muslim, Jew and Christian, Jew and, well, Jew and everyone to come together and admire my BIG BOOBS...lol.

with love & laughter,
Shalom-Daphne Rosen
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