daphnerosen (daphnerosen) wrote,

my KSEXradio.com show...

...I never thought I would ever be in the radio biz, nevermind being a PJ (Porn Jockey) on KSEX Radio. My show-"D n' A with Daphne Rosen & Annie Cruz" is a lot of fun (it's on EVERY Monday, LIVE, at 8pm EST/5pm PST) and yesterday I had on the world famous MIKA TAN. The week before I had on ECHO VALLEY, she has the largest boobs of anyone who does hardcore films. Before that was ROXY JEZEL and then BROOKE HAVEN as well as many others in the months my shows been on. It's broken the ratings record in its timeslot and if you haven't logged on to listen and live chat, you should, it's free! It does cost (not very much) to WATCH but the membership last for a year and you watch all the shows 24/7! Check it out and chat with me every Monday. http://www.KSexRadio.com
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